L.O.V.E. is Out Now!

Our brand new song "L.O.V.E." is officially out and available to stream and buy.

It’s odd sometimes, when a simple little video reminds you of how much things have changed in 12 months.

The other day, Emma was flicking through her old phone videos and voice notes and stumbled on this one. And it just took us right back to this time last year sat in a studio, mixing a track we had just recorded, whilst planning to record a new song that we hadn’t even written yet!

And yet that almost-accidental-song actually became one of the biggest songs for us as a band.

We knew early last year that we really wanted to double down on our sound and record three new tracks. We’d recorded demos and live versions ourselves before, but they hadn’t quite come close to what we felt we wanted them to sound like.

So us four Whitehaveners threw ourselves into a van and headed down to Liverpool to finally record 3 tunes in the way we intended them to be. Armed with a bag of overpriced service station snacks and more teabags than you could shake a spoon at, we knew exactly which two songs we were going to record first, but we couldn’t decide on the third.

We ploughed on regardless, and assumed we’d figure it out during the recording of the first two songs… How wrong we were!

Next, we moved on to ‘I Need A Minute’ which was just all out fun. Fast choppy sections, crowd vocals and all kinds just made the song so much fun to record, from top to bottom. Instruments used include a piano muted with Steven’s hands (soz for the bruises) and a Beck’s beer bottle (cowbells were in short supply that day).

But once we got to the stage of mixing these two songs, we realised we still didn’t have a decision about a third. Time was marching on and we just couldn’t make our minds up. We kept thinking we should maybe re-record an old demo or release, but that just didn’t feel right. We had some half-finished ideas, but hearing how the other two songs were sounding, we felt like we needed something new. Something that matched the other two better.

Emma and I decided, just to break the wall, that we’d go and sit in the live room and noodle with some instruments to see if anything happened. The studio had a great sounding old piano in there, and after using it on ‘I Need A Minute’, I wondered whether it would help us to maybe finish off an old idea or something. If not, we could at least do Elton John impressions for a few hours.

Once I sat at it, I played these three chords that I’d been noodling around with a few weeks prior. It was one of those things you play when the engineer says “can we hear the keyboard please?” And you just play… Something. Inevitably that same something that becomes what you play at every sound check for the rest of time.

Once I played it on the piano, Emma and I both just stopped and were like “… That’s kind of nice”. So we played the chords around and around - it was one of those moments where you stumble across a song that you think you’ve already heard before. The chords were easy to sing melodic gibberish over and we just kept going and going, it knew exactly where to go and exactly where to stop and jump and hit. It was really weird.

Having had pre-production and demos for the other songs, this one was just completely bare (and my voice notes app was demanding more space, again) so we quickly rattled a demo together, figured it out a bit more then came back to the studio with a set of fresh heads and recorded it. Throwing all the toys and things we love at it. (The fade out ending, a bloody Wurlitzer, and every amp on 11 to get that ‘pylon wires’ guitar tone in the middle).

It was such a euphoric moment listening to the poppiest, most production-full-on song we had ever written come blaring out of the studio monitors, but as we left the studio we were quite anxious to see if anyone else would enjoy it.

Fast forward a few weeks and we submitted it to BBC Introducing (the ultimate validation test for any band) and we were almost in disbelief when they then asked us to go and record a live version of it at BBC Maida Vale Studios. We. Just. Died.

This song has opened enormous doors for us and brought us to some pretty fun opportunities and it’s almost tail-biting to think it nearly didn’t even happen. And these four Cumbrians are overwhelmed to think that this is the song we got to play on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, which we never thought we’d say. On top of that, we got to record a live version at BBC Maida Vale and we heard it play out live on BBC Radio 1 a few weeks ago.

Almost a year later its now finally here. And this release is really special to us. So to everyone who has heard it and enjoyed it, seriously we thank you. We just ran with this and didn’t even know if it would work but it actually really has.

So please go forth and bop and enjoy this song.

Because it cost us about 2,000 teabags:

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